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According to the 12th Five-year Plan (2011-2015) of China, rehabilitation is undertaken for over 5,700 old hydropower stations which were put into operation in rural areas before 1995 with potentials for efficiency improving and capacity enlarging, thus enhancing the utilization of hydropower resources, promoting energy saving and emission reduction, and improving the ecological environment ultimately. Hangzhou Yatai accomplished a lot of work.


  • Formulation of the special plan for rehabilitation of rural hydropower in China;
  • Preparation of management documents and training materials;
  • Organizing training courses on rural hydropower rehabilitation;
  • Undertaking design and equipment upgrading for pilot projects;


Typical References:

Jiugong Cascade Hydropower Station in Tongshan county, Hubei Province of China has been appointed as one of the national pilot projects for rehabilitation in 2011.

This cascade of hydropower stations, built in the 1970’s and the 1980’s, was one of the first large-scale hydropower cascade in Tongshan County, and there are totally 8 stations with the total installed capacity of 5505kW.

The rehabilitation work covers eight (8) hydropower stations of total thirteen (13) turbine-generator units with the unit capacity ranging from 75kW to 630kW, including the main electro-mechanical equipment, auxiliary equipment, primary & secondary electrical equipment, part of transmission line, diversion system, metal structure, communication system, dispatching system renovation, and even the powerhouse refurbishment etc.

After the completion of rehabilitation, the average annual production is increased from 10.2 million kWh to 13.61 million kWh, thus enhancing generation profit and resources utilization efficiency dramatically, and eliminating the hidden equipment risk effectively. Adopting the modern management with unattended operation, the rehabilitation work brings much benefit to the local people and the local economy.





Before rehabilitation:                                                                            After rehabilitation:




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