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Surveillance System
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Automation Products of SHP

Through years of research and development, Hangzhou Yatai has successfully developed a series of SCADA systems with its own intellectual property rights. Through upgrading continuously, the products have been widely applied both at home and aboard, for all types of hydropower stations, gates, pumping stations, etc. The SCADA system includes the following product series:

·SDJK computer-based supervision & protection system for high-voltage units

·DZWX automatic control system for low-voltage units

·ZMJK computer-based monitoring system for gates

·BZJK supervision & control system for pumping stations

·Safety monitoring & information management system for reservoirs and dams

·Dispatching centre for cascade hydropower stations


1.SDJK computer-based supervision &protection system for high-voltage units

SDJK computer-based supervision & protection system is designed for the automation of medium & small hydropower plant with high-voltage units. SDJK can perform functions such as remote measuring, remote signaling, remote regulating, and remote control to realize the unattended automation.

Rational construction: It adopts layered and distributed intelligent structure, which is well arranged with flexible structure, powerful practical applicability, and easy expansion and high quality.

Multipurpose functions: It can realize the functions such as real-time collection, disposal, and monitoring & control of different input, accident memory and sequence issue record (SOE).

Easy expansion: It adopts modular design, network communication with scheduling system.

Reliable performance: There are multiple redundancies, safety protection of input & output, lightning protection and anti-jamming measures for the important components.


2. DZWX automatic control system for low-voltage units

DZWX automatic control system for low-voltage units (A.C. 400V, no more than 630kW) is a cost-effective and highly-reliable system designed for small hydropower stations. DZWX system can achieve hydropower stations in unattended control operation.

Rational construction: Through optimizing the entire structure, the secondary measurement devices, control devices, protective devices and primary devices are rationally arranged in the same cabinet for an easy operation.

Multipurpose functions: It is allocated with monitoring computers to realize the centralized dispatching and management for several stations.

Reliable performance: Core components adopt imported products. Both input and output contact is set with safety protection function and installed with lightning protection & anti-jamming unit.




3. ZMJK computer-based monitoring system for gates

ZMJK series of computer-based monitoring systems for gates adopts the advanced on-line auto-measuring technology, auto-control technology, computer technology, image monitoring technology and communication technology, which mainly achieves the automatic supervision and control for gates of hydropower station, pumping station, gate station, ship lock and all kinds of gates inside the irrigation district etc. to realize the unattended control operation.

Rational construction: The software is designed in modularization and structuring. The configuration software is applied, with friendly interface and easy to operate.

Multipurpose functions: Different communication ways can be selected for remote monitoring and control, such as digital radio, Ethernet network (optical fiber or twisted pair cable), RS232/485 serial etc.

Reliable performance: The system is secured both on software & hardware, and only an authorized person can access it. The system adopts special lightning arrestor to prevent the over-voltage.



4. BZJK supervision & control system for pumping stations

BZJK system is a computer-based monitoring & control system, taking with the conventional control component as its standby, and two parts are well coordinated. The system can realize unattended automation.

Rational construction: It is designed with the layered structure and modular software structure. BZJK is an easily expandable and cost effective system.

Advanced technology: The system configuration and devices selection are undertaken for the sake of the fast development of computer technology.

Reliable performance: The MTBF index, MTFM index and other indexes can meet the requirements of “Basic Technical Terms of the Computer-based Supervision & Control System for Hydropower Station”.


5. Safety monitoring &information management system for reservoirs and dams

The safety monitoring & information management system for reservoirs and dams is based on computer network technology, which includes the server and local computers for sharing data and other resources. This system includes dam monitoring, hydrology information, hydropower station monitoring, valve monitoring and video monitoring etc.

Rational structure: Each hydrological collection site shall communicate with the main station by ultra software, and other sites communicate with the main station with cable connection, with accurate and prompt data feedback.

Convenient and efficient: The server and local computers are connected by the fiber channel, wireless access or by telephone line through MODEM to view the latest data information of each system.

Reliable performance: Based on reliable network communication, the reservoir operation data, reservoir safety data, and hydrologic data could be seen promptly. This system could provide the direct, reliable, and prompt information to the flood protection and drought resisting headquarters.




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