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Containerized Micro Hydropower Station
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The containerized micro hydropower plant is a new technology & product with intellectual property right of Hangzhou Yatai, which was introduced through “948 Project” of Ministry of Water Resources by National Research Institute for Rural Electrification in 2005. It adopts a new concept of erecting all the equipment in a container as to shorten the period of on-site installation and reduce the civil works amount.

The first containerized micro hydropower station was put into operation successfully in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. It adopts a horizontal Pelton turbine-generator set, with the design head of 160m and the capacity of 160kW. There are many containerized micro hydropower stations built by Hangzhou Yatai in China, respectively located in Yongjia and Yuhuan of Zhejiang Province, and Nanjiang of Sichuan Province. It was also exported to Macedonia in 2012 and was put into operation successfully.





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