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Containerized micro hydropower
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The containerized micro hydropower station is a new type of technology and products imported by the Ministry of water resources of China in 2005, which was introduced by the Ministry of water resources of China through the "948" project of the Ministry of water resources and formed by our company. The design and arrangement of a new type of hydropower station, which can be installed in a container and transported to the site for short-term installation and commissioning, can generate electricity.
The first containerized micro hydropower station in China is located in Zhejiang, Jinhua. The designed water head is 160m. It is equipped with a 160kW inclined impact turbine generator set. Have domestic construction and put into operation in the Zhejiang Yongjia, Zhejiang Yuhuan and Sichuan Nanjiang etc. box type hydropower station, 2012 exports to Macedonia and put into operation.
Yuhuan Zhejiang Yantan Hydropower Station
Turbine: horizontal pelton
Rated head: 265m
Rated discarge: 0.17m3/s
Rated speed: 1500 r/min
Power output: 320 kW
Governor: HPU
Control and protection DZWX-2000

Before and after power plant transformation and installation



Transportation and installation process of containerized micro hydropower unit




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