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National and Ministerial Standards
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We have participated in the formulation and revision of technical standards or norms for rural hydropower sector.
We have also taken part in the planning and policy research for the rural electrification of over 600 counties around China.
National and Ministerial Standards:
  • National Standard (GB) (formulation)  Technical Specification for Safe Operation of SHP-based Power Grid;
  • National Standard (GB) (formulation)  Specification for Safety Test and Evaluation of SHP Station;
  • National Standard (GB) (revision)  Electromechanical Equipment Guide for Small Hydroelectric Installations;
  • National Standard (GB) (revision)  Standard on Automatic Dispatching of Rural Hydropower System;
  • Ministerial standard (revision)  Guidelines on Energy Loss Calculation for Small Hydropower Grid;
  • Ministerial standard (formulation)  Guidelines on the Ecological Benefit Calculation of SHP Replacing Firewood;
  • Ministerial standard (formulation)  Specification on Small Hydropower Grid Dispatching;
  • Ministerial standard (formulation) Start-up Test Code for Small Hydraulic Turbine-generator Units;

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